Communists, Atheists, Ultra-leftists & Homosexuals

It's no secret that the liberal media is owned and operated by all of the above and that they are pushing their homosexual, communist, atheist, liberal agenda on the
American people. The 30 million Mexicans who have no clue about American history buy into the liberal media's propaganda, thinking they're Americans too. The angry homosexuals, angry because they've been molested, neglected, abandoned, and abused simply lash out at normal heterosexual God loving Christians and Jews as they vent their anger and blame everyone else for their dysfunctional...


Welcome to The Church of No God exposed.

FACT: Christian churches practice charity in which individuals freely give to the poor wanting nothing in return.

FACT: The US government has tried to displace Christian church charity, to take over feeding the poor but the US government is not practicing charity. They are taking your money and using your tax money to support the poor, criminals and the lazy. The US government is trying to be a church, promoting it's own religion called Socialism. The US government has tried to replace the Christian church by providing money to the poor but unlike the Christian church which distributes donations to help the poor, the US government is taking from you and giving away your money. The US government has become like Robin Hood. They are stealing money from the rich and giving it to the poor. In exchange for government grants, businesses and individuals must follow strict guidelines which include agreeing not to tell anyone about Jesus Christ.

CASE IN POINT: Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities are banned from utilizing the original successful and effective 12 Step method of recovery for drug addicts and alcoholics. The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous discovered that the instructions for living found in the New Testament of the Bible provided an effective method of overcoming their addiction. The first more than 100 recovered alcoholics began their recovery by getting on their knees and giving their lives to Jesus Christ, then met regularly with one another and focused their study primarily on the New Testament book of James, 1 Corinthians 13 and the Sermon on the Mount as their primary source of Spiritual guidance and behavior modification. Ongoing fellowship, daily devotions read from the Bible and ongoing weekly Bible studies which focused on God's instructions on living life freed them all from their alcoholism, yet the US government forbids recovery programs who utilize federal grants from teaching from the Bible, from praying to Jesus Christ, forbidding treatment programs from providing the original wildly successful 12 Step treatment program found in the Bible which prompted AA's founders to write a book about it.

FACT: Public schools are allowed to teach about Buddhism, Secular Humanism, Atheism, homosexuality and witchcraft, but cannot teach American children about the most important individual who ever walked the Earth: Jesus Christ.

FACT: Children are taught that they are not excpected to, nor will they will have the ability to practice sexual self-control and so the public school system commonly provides condoms to both middle school and high school students.

FACT: The US government-run schools also teach a basic Communist curriculum which teaches children that no one deserves more than anyone else and that all must share equally regardless of one's skills, abilities, work ethic or choice to be lazy. Regardless of one's work ethic, public schools teach that everyone is entitled to healthcare, housing and food regardless of whether or not they are willing to work to pay for it. That is, the US government controlled school system teaches children not that all persons are created equal, but that all persons are equal regardless of their ethics or morals or education or lack of all of the above. In other words, public schools dismiss principled living as of no more value than unprincipled living, that a child molester, murderer, criminals of all kinds who contribute only pain and suffering to others deserve the same benefits and freedom as honest and ethical people who contribute in a positive way toward society.

FACT: The US government no longer teaches the truth about American history, but has chosen to revise American textbooks in order to promote their Socialist religion in which it is wrong to challenge authority or the US government. The US president, our children are currently being taught, is to be prayed to and worshipped, despite the fact that no one knows where the man was even born because our current president has spent more than $1,000,000 in attorney fees to keep his birth certificate a secret, along with his college records and passport travel history. There is currently no evidence which establishes whether or not our current president is eligible to hold the office of the presidency, although there is evidence which suggests he is not an American citizen, but likely holds citizenship from another nation.

FACT: The US government has officially banned Jesus Christ from all public schools. Teachers cannot teach chldren about Jesus nor can they teach children what Jesus taught. Bibles are not allowed in public school classrooms nor are the 10 Commandments that our forefathers pointed to in founding this nation. The US government controls the public schools of America. By banning Jesus from American classrooms, the US government can promote their religion of Socialism and teach children that the US government is the real church.

FACT: The US government is promoting homosexuality to our children. Rather than teaching the truth about homosexuality, our government is teaching children that homosexuality is normal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our government is lying to our children. Just 1-3% of American people are engaged in homosexual relationships, the vast majority of them having been molested, abused and/or neglected during their childhood. There is nothing normal about homosexuality. It is abnormal behavior yet the US government is currently teaching your children that it is normal. The US government is lying to your children and pretending to be a church with a leader who they want you to worship and to pray to. In fact, the public school system is currently teaching children to pray to Barrack Hussein Obama.

God help us all.

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